Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating

Does your asphalt road, parking lot, or driveway need a facelift? If it looks old and worn, but hasn’t yet got large cracks or significant damage, now’s the time to consider sealing it. Sealing, when practical, saves money in the long run since you won’t have to repair or repave as frequently.

Whether you call it seal coat, blacktop, slurry seal, or pavement sealer — asphalt seal coating is a wonderful way to preserve the utility and life expectancy of your asphalt investment. We use a high quality seal coat emulsion mixture. We squeegee apply seal coat to existing asphalt surfaces to protect and prolong the integrity of the surface. Applying it with a squeegee allows us to put down a very thick coat of sealer that will help protect your asphalt from the elements, high traffic, oil leaks, etc. Seal coating is a very cost effective way to enhance the appearance of your property; giving it a new, fresh look.

Asphalt Removal & Replacement

If you have asphalt that is broken and coming apart, an asphalt “remove and replace” can help restore your parking lot to a strong, high quality surface.

Asphalt Remove & Replace is also known as R&R. This is a very comprehensive way to deal with your failing asphalt. Adeo Inc. will remove the cracked and deteriorated asphalt and replace it with new hot asphalt.

Colored Curb Painting

Color curbs are an important way of ensuring that residents, visitors, and employees are using the parking lot space in the proper way.

We can paint red No Parking Fire Lanes, blue Handicap Stencils and Curbs, Loading Zone, Visitor Areas, Short Term Parking, etc. Freshen up your faded curbs with a coat of new high grade traffic paint and keep people parking where they are supposed to.

ADA Upgrades

Given all of the recent changes in the ADA compliance laws, it is important for property owners to be compliant with these ADA requirements.

We can help you in determining what your property needs in order to establish compliance with current ADA laws. We can add ADA signage, handicap van accessible signs on poles in landscape or concrete, ADA stencils, and “path of travels.” We also add handicap entrance signs required by law and can retrofit your existing handicap parking spaces to ensure they meet today’s ADA standards. Our estimators are happy to meet with you to discuss how our services can best meet your ADA compliance needs.

Concrete Parking Bumpers

Missing and broken wheel stops (sometimes called parking blocks) and parking bumpers can make your property look neglected and old. Replacing these with new concrete bumpers can make your parking lot look well maintained.

We can install new concrete parking bumpers, either in 4′ or 6′ length, pinned with re-bar in your asphalt or glued down with high grade traffic adhesion. If your existing bumpers are broken or coming apart, we can install new ones to replace them.

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps (sometimes called “berms”) are an important part in maintaining safe vehicle speeds in your parking lots. They help prevent visitors, tenants, and customers from driving too quickly and speeding through your lot.

We can install new asphalt speed bumps or freshen up the ones you currently have. We install both standard speed bumps and undulating speed bumps. Once we install the speed bumps, they will then be painted with high grade traffic paint — either white or yellow, based on customer preference.

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